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Welcome to the Ao Ashi Wiki, the English encyclopedia for the manga and anime, Ao Ashi. This wiki is free for anyone to edit, so please don't be afraid to contribute to the community by adding to existing articles or creating new ones. If you would just like to browse or look up information, please note that this wiki does contain heavy spoilers for the series.

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About the series:


Ao Ashi is a seinen sports manga written and illustrated by Yuugo Kobayashi & Naohiko Ueno, centered around the titular character, Ashito Aoi, as he enters a top J-League youth soccer team and climbs the ranks to make his professional debut. The series started in Big Comic Spirits in 2015 and currently has 1 spin-off series and ongoing novel. To learn more about the series, explore this wiki site or start here.

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News & Updates

  • The whole series, including the spinoff and digital, has sold 11 million copies.
  • The Ao Ashi novel, written by Ehashi Yoshinori has released it's first volume.
  • The French release of the main series will be released by Mangetsu.

  • All episodes air weekly on Crunchyroll for international fans. Check them out here.

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Season 1 Episode 7: The First Youth Match


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